Shakespearefreak… the play’s the thing?


To be honest, at times, Theatrefreak is nothing more than a Shakespearefreak.As a drama student I’ve been taught the importance of Shakespeare’s work, but that appreciation has turned into an obsession with all things Bard-related.

I am currently writing this from Stratford-upon-Avon; numerous Shakespeare related books, programmes from the most recent RSC productions and a cuddly ‘Shakesbear’ are all in reaching distance. My Bard-obsession is obvious to me now. Yet I make no excuses. I am here for three nights to see the RSC repertory summer productions. And they’re proving to be completely worth the trip. Theatrefreak’s dream holiday may seem to be madness, yet there is method in’t.

My first trip to Stratford-upon-Avon was only last July. After the first night at the RSC, seeing Gregory Doran’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream, I was hooked. For me it was such stuff as dreams are made on. I thought I knew A Midsummer’s Night Dream well – having studied it, seen many versions and performed in it on a variety of occasions – but I was wrong. Doran’s production revealed so many new layers of the play to me and I was engrossed in a story I knew so well. I insisted on seeing it again. From then on in, I have taken advantage of the 16-25 Young People £5 day tickets and seen as much as I can. I believe it’s the best lesson I can get for £5 in directing Shakespeare. Part of me even wonders; if it wasn’t for that trip would I have ended up on the directing specialism, which I am due to start in September. If anything, the RSC brings out my ambitious side. Nothing can come of nothing.

Generally, all the RSC production I have now seen have changed my perspective of that play, entertained me and reminded me why I adore all things Shakespeare. Part of me is tempted to rant on about the stunning, moving, entertaining, mind-blowing moments that are now embedded in my mind, due to the selection of artistic talent that can be found at the RSC, but I will resist. I’ll not indulge too much on this blog. Anyway, I need to sign off and get ready to return to the Courtyard to see As You Like It (for the second time) tonight!

Watch this space – Shakespearefreak reviews to follow, or Theatrefreak (What’s in a name?)



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