Waterproof ****


A Play, a Pie and a Pint at the Oran Mor, Glasgow
Monday 11th May – Saturday 16th May 2009

Two friends on a fishing trip is the setting for this week’s Oran Mor lunchtime play, in Andy Duffy’s Waterproof. Superbly written dialogue and compassionate performances follow, creating an enthralling emotional journey between two male friends, but unfortunately the final destination is a little uncertain and disappointing. Director Selma Dimitrijevic sets up the Oran Mor’s basement as theatre in the round for this play, with a simplistic two fishing pole set as the background for the action. Ryan Fletcher’s Alex angrily enters the space with a variety of fishing and camping equipment, followed by the monosyllabic Gordon, played by Ali Craig.

Alex has been enjoying himself at university in Dundee, yet maintaining his mouthy, egoistic Glaswegian charm, while gaining a higher education and understanding. Whereas Gordon is still living at home, working and brooding after his ex-girlfriend, Linda. The two have naturally grown apart, but still share fierce frustration towards class and society, shown in Duffy’s quick witted dialogue. The conversation frequently drifts into tangents, some taking a serious note about Scottish identity and others darkly funny, as well as an underlining motif of sexual envy between the two. Duffy illustrated his potential as a playwright last year, as part of the National Theatre Debuts season at the Traverse Theatre, and his new play more than lives up to his potential as young male voice in Scotland, assisted by the two first-rate performances.



4 Responses to “Waterproof ****”

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