Babes in the Woods ***


A Play, a Pie and a Pint at the Oran Mor, Glasgow
Monday 1st December – Saturday 20th December 2008

Even the Oran Mor’s A Play, a Pie and a Pint lunchtime season cannot escape the British Christmas pantomime institution and has been transformed into A Panto, a Pie and a Pint this month for festive purposes. The outcome is Babes In The Woods by frequent collaborators David Anderson and David MacLennan, a tale lacking much content but easily lent to the duo to be injected with topical gags and pantomime traditions.

Danielle Stewart’s “Babes” and Gavin Jon Wright’s “Boobs” are sent into the woods by their wicked uncle and aunt in the hopes they will get lost and the wicked pair can then claim the children’s inheritance to buy a penthouse by Glasgow’s Clyde. In the next 55 minutes the children meet a collection of colourful fairy tale characters, in a serious of silly wigs and costumes, all played by Dave Anderson and Juliet Cadzow. Throw in some enthusiastically delivered songs, some classic panto jokes, handfuls of Glaswegian, political and economical references and the result is an extremely witty lunchtime theatre experience. It is perfectly pitched for, and received by, the daytime grown up crowd that the Oran Mor normally attracts but contains plenty of silly jokes to keep any children entertained.

As a pantomime audience we can forgive almost anything – from the rhymes that do not always quite work to the slightly shambolic format and the inevitable laughter from the cast. What we cannot forgive is a lack of well delivered humour, an energetic cast and heart – however Babes In The Woods’ small cast of four clearly have all of these essential panto elements in abundance.



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