Bone Boys **


A Play, a Pie and a Pint at the Oran Mor/BBC Radio Scotland co-production, Glasgow
Monday 24th November – Saturday 29th November 2008

The play to accompany our pie and pint this week is Colin MacDonald’s The Bone Boys, a historic comedy to mark St Andrew’s Day at the end of this week. Two very different monks, Osred and Eardwulf, have promised to protect the bones of St Andrew from a group of heathens who have taken over their monastery – the resulting action comes down to a debate of faith. Eardwulf, played by Angus King, is the older of the two monks and has strayed from the traditional disciplines of his chosen religious order. Osred, played by Mark McDonnell, is young, naive and determined to defend the holy relics until the end.

Co-directors Marilyn Imrie and Rosie Kellagher create a tension filled piece of theatre as the two characters argue about different forms of worship. Unfortunately, some of the humour in the script was not fully realised by the performers and did not always work with the mood set from the beginning. In addition, five acting students from North Glasgow College were added to act as the heathens and to surround the monks. However, this was not effective due to the clumsy direction of the students, but perhaps this would work better with more rehearsal time.

Overall, all the elements in this production did not fully work together to create an ideal outcome. The script could have easily been a radio play, as the action of the piece seemed unimportant but yet the discussions between the actors were interesting. King and McDonnell did manage to form an enthralling character relationship but the audience could have found themselves distracted the graceless comings and goings of the students. However, the Oran Mor will continue to draw audiences in for its lunch time bite of theatre.



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